This blog is maintained by an independent scientist Jay Kulsh and his associates. While doing graduate work at the Chemistry & Biochemistry department of  University of California, Los Angeles, Jay Kulsh got interested in the enzyme Ribonucleotide Reductase (RR) due to its paramount importance in cell division. At that time the nature of free-radical at the active-site (“heart”) of enzyme RR was not known. Based on its published UV and ESR spectra, Jay Kulsh proposed that the free-radical is located on the phenoxy oxygen atom of amino acid tyrosine. Subsequent experiments by others proved him correct.

Later, even when not associated with any scientific or medical institution, Jay Kulsh followed the scientific progress made in understanding the nature and role of enzyme RR, especially as it relates to cancerous growth. In 1990’s, he found enough evidence to conclude that the active-site of enzyme RR is the primary target of various class of carcinogenic agents. This further led him to observe:

Chemicals cause cancer; chemicals are used to treat cancer. Radiations cause cancer; radiations are used to treat cancer. Electricity — alternating current, at steep voltages — may cause cancer; electricity — direct current, at low voltages — would heal cancer.

The obvious target of low-level DC is the free-radical at the active site of RR. Jay Kulsh scoured thru scientific literature of past many decades and found that various cancer electrotherapy studies reported were all consistent with this model, with some resulting in remarkable curative effect. His findings were published in 1997 in a scientific journal (see this link).

Alas, the remarkable GEIPE cancer therapy is not patentable and vary low-cost; hence it remains “untouchable” for any cancer care provider. The mission of this blog is to make cancer patients aware of this non-toxic and effective therapy so that one day, through collective efforts, the current gloomy landscape of cancer treatments may be transformed.